To Find Bliss in the Day

There’s no doubt in my mind that a day of doing laundry, recycling and shopping has to be an enemy. A day off, a Sunday to myself and I’m to spend it running errands. But today for some reason it was so easy for me to find bliss among these chores. Farmers market buying produce- this does not ever have to be negative. Recycling? I’m working towards my goals-protect the earth, though my four wine bottles, yogurt containers and beer cans will surely not save the planet, I can rest assured knowing I’ve done something productive with my day.

Though I have to say I’m feeling nostalgic today. In this weather, as I feel fall approaching quickly I know why I long for fields.


An early morning sunrise to start your day. A cup of chai-just to set the mood, and ease the mind. I must learn to create for myself these things at home, in my small apartment by a busy street- I am the only one responsible for my mood and surroundings. I’ll turn on the record player (Fleetwood Mac for those curious) the crackling sounds of a simpler day ease my mind. I’ll put groceries away and fold laundry. Its all in a days work I remind myself. Yesterday I did nothing but play with twigs and chat with an old friend. Accomplished something for my walls…


I don’t have to be productive all the time, so long as I find time for myself to unwind, to relax, to count my blessings, to remember that I’ve got it pretty made for myself. To appreciate hours (whether running errands or not) and to find bliss among my day.



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