To Make My Vows

Another Monday, Another Week in Another Month of Another Year. Why do I always have to say another like I’m preparing myself for battle?! Enough is enough. Let it be known that on this Monday I’ve decided to write my vows… to my future-self. (And yes, even my tomorrow-self is included, and my day-after-tomorrow-self).

I vow to always remain true to my hearts desire; to culture the earth and all it has to offer. I will can more food, make more of my own clothing and decorate my home with twigs. More vinyl will spin in my living room and I’ll spend more time outside watching leaves fall. Hours spent baking will increase as I try new recipes. I will stress less about the appearance of my home and stress more about how much time I haven’t been spending in nature. I will call my grandparents more, catch up with friends and give more effort towards my cat. I will put energy into my relationship. Energy that may have been spent otherwise fretting about things that will gray my hair if I allow it. I will spend more time watching old movies and wearing wool socks. I promise to visit my brother and sister more, while building relationships with their spouses. My time spent stressing over bills, deadlines and chores will be no more; in fact I will delight in these things! I will delight in the fact that these things don’t stress me out! What a feat it will be when I learn to let go. How easy it will be for me to walk past these distractions with my head held high; they have no effect on me, I win this time. So I will put on that infamous Fleetwood Mac Vinyl and let my mind be healed by a dream of worry-less days.


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