To Define Who You Are

Happy Almost Friday-day… Which leaves me sitting in a cubicle trying to either stay awake or looking forward to my next trip to the vending machine (what a drag these are my daily highlights). Where are my fields to culture, my fruit to sew, my land to stand on- pitchfork in hand I’ll command my earth chunk- With you I shall create! With you I shall grow! With you I shall feed! The timeline for evolving into myself seems light-years away…

A seemingly simple task at hand. Define yourself. Not in 3 words, not using specific words, it’s open. You can use as many words as you want. What does your definition entail? At one point in my life the only definition I had for myself was through another person. I defined  myself as that person. I had no single identity nor did I understand the importance of defining yourself.

Think about it, again, seems simple. I challenge you to sit down and truly think or write out what defines you, what turns your thoughts into actions, what makes you tick. Where does your motivation come from? What drives you to be better? What is it, What is it?!

Personally I have been fortunate enough to move on from a place in my life that was dark, drab and unwelcoming in every definition of the word. I had no identity, I had allowed someone to take that away from me. I couldn’t even hold them responsible, I had no one to blame but myself. What point does a person need to hit before they turn away? Rock bottom, that’s where. I am blessed to have struggled with my identity. It forced me to define myself- now when I say define myself, this is a gradual conclusion not some outlandish, sun-on-my-sweet-cheeks epiphany, “I KNOW WHO I AM NOW.” No.

It’s taken years of work, but I have a relatively steady grasp on reality and who I am-  a feat.`The motivation to move forward in life has also fueled a motivation to dig deeper within myself. My mind is screaming I WANT TO MOVE MOUNTAINS. Keep in mind, friend, you are only one person… I tell myself this with frustration.  Part of what I want to define myself as is a teacher. More importantly for my family, they need to know how I feel about my passions- and why they’re important. That’s just it: I want to save everybody. (Whether or not they need saving) Pump the brakes child, you’ve got to start somewhere.

So begins my dream, I need to start some kind of outreach mission. We joked at dinner last night that everyone should have to serve two years in a restaurant & two years on a farm. For any of you who have worked in either of those fields: if that happened? That would move mountains. If there were I could do to show people the importance and power our food can provide for us, the importance of farmers and knowing where your food comes from and how it’s grown. If I could share with the world why it makes sense to live in houses made from recycled tires and plastered pop cans, if they knew that you don’t need 180 acres to provide nourishment for your family. If they knew why it was sensible to pee in a hole rather than waste nearly 3 gallons every time you flush a toilet and cook meals using earths long forgotten FLAME. I could go on, but I’m getting antsy and typing louder to get my point across is not effective (and it’s providing me with lovely stares as people walk past my cubicle.

PS… Fun website to estimate how much water you’re wasting =]

So Let’s Recap:

  • Grow your own food
  • Pee in a hole
  • Shower in the well
  • Cook in a fire
  • Sleep with the earth


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