To Love The Autumn Air

As Autumn is approaching… actually Saturday the 22nd is officially the first day of Autumn, I am thrilled, glorified, ecstatic, pleased, humbled, anxious, hopeful- everything good under the stars- Autumn takes me there. I’m not sure if it’s the crisp air as it hits my cheeks in the morning, when I know it’s just cold enough to need a thicker sweater, but I’ll lose it by noon-time. Maybe it’s the sound of the wind and the leaves falling. If I weren’t stuck in the suburbia life- oh the joy that would consume me to the brim! I’ve found ways to enjoy this Autumn, though stuck un-with nature, I will prevail.

A pair of these

The sound of these

The taste of this

The joy of these

The warmth of these

The joy of this day

Some produce from here

A stroll through here

And lastly the comforts of scarves, flannel, boots and mittens. A hot cup of cider in your hand starring out through the leaves, the temperature sitting around 58, it is most definitely all I need to relax.

The colors relax me the most. How splendid is it that we can recreate the colors brought out by nature herself. I can put leaf-yellow, red, orange or purple on my own walls. I love simplicity, but thank God for paint departments.

Today I’m enjoying all of this. Most exciting moment- there are so many more leaves to turn from green.


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