To Tea & Tomato

This morning there is nothing more welcome then the joy of my tea. I read an article about the healing additives of tea; the power of healing comes not only from the herb- but the experience as well.

“Tea isn’t a casual drink; it requires the careful choice of the best leaves, the patience to wait for water to come to the right temperature, the knowledge of how long to steep, and the time to let the wisps of steam warm your face as you savor every sip.” –Text by Holly Lebowitz Rossiand Lilit Marcus

I’ve taken on some reading material lately that I found very interesting about herbalism and the power of holistic healing. If you’d like to do some reading as well. But it is all quite interesting the power of herb, vitamins and minerals. My mother and father both suffer from arthritic conditions; I want so badly to persuade them to take on a healthier, herb-enriched diet and practices daily. But the catch is that I must be learned to provide an influential argument. You wouldn’t take lessons on becoming a duck from a penguin would you? So today I enjoy my tea, it’s steam leaving my cheeks warm and my eyes low (though I’m convinced they are avoiding the glare of fluorescent lighting beaming above). Today I choose a Chai Malsala blend by Organic India… oh and in my favorite thrift store find- the right teacup always brings more joy to the tea!


Another joy of Wednesday- the brilliant dark pink colors of our 2.65 lb.  Polish Heirloom!! How tasty this was in our vegetarian chili! The wonderful beefsteak-like cuts that come from a beauty like this…

With only one thought on my mind (4 hours until I get to run for the door and forget about this place until 8 am tomorrow…) I find solace among mantras. Thoughts and quotes, the beauty in words. And though I’m stuck listening to the click-clacking of keyboards, ringing of phones and complaints of clients- when I reach for power on my computer (fortune cookies these days are a joke, but I found a gem) I’m simply reminded to…


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