To Harvest & Ponder

Oh sweet, sweet Autumn how you warm my soul. My Sunday filled with gardens, farms and multi-colored trees- mix that with wonderful company, and I was in heaven. We sat for a bit on the patio, though the road is near and the traffic is noisy we were able to enjoy the beauty that Autumn brings us. The setting sun was shining over our building into the golden leafed tress that have scattered their bearings all around out feet. It was quite peaceful as I brought my warm cider (perhaps with a bit a cinnamon whiskey!) to my lips and enjoyed the crisp air, the comforting smells and once again the colors that so amazingly brighten even the darkest of my days. Early in the day came, probably what will be one of our last harvests!


Multi-Colored Baby Kale – a beauty in salad mix, it’s amazing what the change in temperature will do to your produce  and it’s not always bad!


Our beautiful Harvest! Cabbage, sweet potato, leaks, chives, Striped Zebra/red paste/Heirloom Tomatoes, Green- Cigarette- and Bulgarian Carrot Peppers! Huzzah!


Smile Leaks!


Once we got this sucker cleaned up the color was amazing! Such deep, beautiful purples!

We’ve also removed quite a few pepper plants and brassicas, sad day- but there’s always a joy! In their place we’ll be planting garlic! Planting it now before the first serious frost/ground freeze will allow the garlic to become established. It’ll go dormant over the winter allowing them to grow even larger and be more plentiful in the Spring- earlier garlic always welcomed!

I capped off the weekend making some Halloween decorations and starting my new crocheting project- an ear warmer. I’ve always been so naive not wanting to count my loops. Well I guess that doesn’t deserve me the right to be irritated when my scarf turns in to a triangle! So counting it is, the color is a light multi-shade brown- very fuzzy. I’m feeling optimistic for my week, the weather is the driving force for my motivation, the crisp air pushing me to get through the office. The smells and colors keeping me on my toes to enjoy and pay attention to every day. Bring on the sweaters & socks!


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