Who Am I?

I want to live simply, provide for myself and family. I want to be part of a movement, the local food movement, the small farm movement. I want to change the way my family looks at healthy food and provide them with ways to lead happier, fuller, healthier lives. I wish to live sustainably and rely on government for nothing. I wish to want for nothing and to be fulfilled by the tasks at hand. Hoping one day to have my own small acreage farm and provide for others around me. I want to preach the importance of community and holding ourselves accountable for our health & well being. This is a blog about my journey, struggles, findings and path.

“Fostering a relationship with the Earth is a healing journey. Touch the dirt, understand the potentials it holds. Fathom the power of elements and what the could provide for humankind, should we turn our ignorant minds to the possibilities. Now think, with this dirt alone I can foster nourishment for myself and my family, with this dirt, sunlight and water; I can be humbled. “


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